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The scrap tyre rubber for a more reliable and efficient asphalt


The European Project Tyrec4Life, that has been started in 2011 and has been coordinated by the metropolitan City of Turin, has been concluded. September 18 th 2015 the final Lecture of Project has made the point on the achieved results and on the perspectives of development of the new technologies for the road flooring with the use of modified bitumen. In the page Results and perspectives  it's possible to consult the Final Report and the synthetic cards of the different activities.

News! In the section "Events and news" - July 2016 - it has been published the abstract of the Final Report of the project.

News! On line the chairmen's contributions



According to Ecopneus estimates, in Italy are annually discarded about 25 million tires (in Europe they are more than 250 million), corresponding to nearly 400,000 tons, of which about 45% is targeted for energy recovery (in Italy and abroad), slightly less than 25% is granulated and 30% still ends up in landfills despite the ban imposed by Directive 1999/31/EC with effect from July 2006.
The use of granules, or discarded tire dust as additive in road paving represents an interesting application, also from a quantitative point of view, for the recycling of tires at the end of life. The "wet" technology has been implemented successfully with the development of appropriate standards for the design and application of special bituminous mixtures, defined "gap-graded" or "open-graded" depending on functional and structural characteristics. Recent studies carried out by the Metropolitan City of Turin and the Polytechnic University of Turin have examined the use of gap-graded mixtures for road paving.



Movie: Scrap tyre rubber modified asphalt: the Borgaro-Venaria ring road
Time:: 03' 37"


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