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Zuccarelli Carlo Mario

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The historical library "Giuseppe Grosso" has, in addition to rich historical-biographical materials, also an extensive technical-scientific documentation, including the professional archive of engineer Carlo Mario Zuccarelli.

Zuccarelli (1887-1972) opened in 1912 his own studio as a building designer and building administrator: he held the patent for the Duplex floors, thanks to which he gained the interest of Arturo Damusso, one of the most important designers in the field of reinforced concrete, with whom he maintained a conspicuous correspondence.

The most important project of Zuccarelli is represented by the building complex that in Turin occupies corso Vinzaglio overlooking via Cernaia and via Guicciardini; Also very interesting are the maps regarding the assignment given to Zuccarelli for the realization of variants for the complex of corso Matteotti zero and via XX Settembre (where today there is the skyscraper with the cinema Reposi), on projects developed by the Bulgarian architect Nicolai Diulgheroff, linked to the futurist movement. This work finally remained on paper.