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Baronio Alessandro

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The architect Alessandro Baronio has been an active and passionate lover of the architectural and artistic memories of Biella, starting with the publication, with Arturo Rosazza, of the Historical-critical news about Baptistery of Biella (Biella 1936) followed by his participation with Rosazza in Piero Torrione's volume The churchof S. Sebastiano in Biella (Biella 1949).

As Honorary Inspector of the Superintendence of Monuments of Piedmont he worked locally with a wide knowledge activity, and made in 1962 an important contribution to the protection of the historic city, participating in the proposed binding of the flat area surrounding the hill of Biella Piazzo, as a member of the Provincial Commission for the protection of the natural beauty of the Province of Vercelli. The archive, mainly photographic, illustrates his activity as Honorary Inspector in a period datable between the 60s and the early 80s of the 20th century, with mainly shots taken in the 60s.
The importance of this documentation is evident today, because it can testify, after decades, the presence of missing or damaged works of art. To this prevailing set, and, unfortunately, largely incomplete with respect to the totality of the religious presences in Biella, are added files that testify to the restoration of the churches of San Sebastano in Biella (designed by Baronio himself) the San Marco's oratoryin Occhieppo Superiore, and the album dedicated to the Monuments of the city of Biella.

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