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Editorial activity

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The work of dissemination and dissemination of the collections owned by the Library has brought significant results that allow a positive balance both in terms of interest and involvement of the public and achievements in the cultural field.

The launch was given in 1997, with the publication of the total volume on the Library, which aimed to present the funds and collections but also to draw a profile of the characters who helped create it. The book is the first volume of a collection that has been proposed to present individual aspects or the equipment of the Library.

The attention then focused on the theme of publishing in the seventeenth century, the subject of extensive research entrusted to historians and experts of the ancient book and destined to merge, with the catalog of the seventeenth century library, in the third volume of the library.

In October 1998 the library participated in the Colloquium of the Turin International Association of Bibliophilie, organized by the Piedmont Region and the Piedmontese Studies Centre, with an exhibition of valuable editions and an internal exhibition on 17th century publishing.

Finally, the remarkable success of the first series of conferences "Viaggiare in biblioteca" has suggested to the Province, now Metropolitan City, and to the Piedmontese Study Center to renew the initiative for autumn 1999.

In 1997 the publishing activity was started with the series "Quaderni" and the magazine "Percorsi".