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Parenti Marino: archivio

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The collection of the archives of Marino Parenti, together with the bibliographical material from 1966, includes an autographic collection commissioned by Parenti himself for the purpose of collecting, a collection of letters in alphabetical order exchanged by the bibliophile, bibliographer and scholar in decades of work in different contexts, and a large mass of various materials, also linked to its numerous functions in the field of publishing and generally cultural.
This last section of the collection, called archive, includes 41 folders, and was inventoried by Francesca Rocci in the years 2004-2005. A residual part, here indicated as addition, composed of 7 folders, was inventoried by Walter Canavesio in the year 2015.
The archive did not previously have any prior inventory or recognizable order. The inventories describe a complex documentary resulting from the daily work of Parenti, which touches on various topics, summarized by categories in:

  1. papers related to the Centro studi manzoniani of Milan;
  2. material relating to Parenti's Manzoni studies;
  3. an iconographic collection and ancient documents from the antique market;
  4. activities as art critic;
  5. cinematographic participation;
  6. collaboration with RAI, and much more.

In general, there are copious testimonies of his many public and editorial engagements, with drafts and editorial materials for books written by him or by others but published in the series he directs.
Many of these documents were analyzed on the occasion of the publication of the volume edited by Angelo d'Orsi Un uomo di lettere. Marino Parenti e il suo epistolario, Turin, Province of Turin, 2001.